Q: How does your service work?
A: You enter your liquidity requirements into our wizard and it will connect you with the LP’s that match your needs.
Q: Why use your service?
A: When looking for liquidity using our service will save you time and provide you with LP options to best fit your exact needs.
Q: Who uses you to find liquidity?
A: Our 2 primary user types are brokers and traders. Brokers include, traditional forex brokers hedging they exposure, STP and ECN brokers adding liquidity providers and even IB’s looking for a trusted partner to send business to. Traders include, high frequency and algo-traders looking for bespoke liquidity for their strategies, hedge funds and money managers, prop firms and companies looking to hedge their currency risk via spot Forex transactions or non-deliverable forwards (NDF’s).
Q: Are you a liquidity provider?
A: No, we are a service that helps you find LP’s to match your needs.
Q: What technology do I connect to my LP with?
A: It depends on the LP that fits your needs and the technology that you have. LP’s on our marketplace use; OneZero, Currenex, Flextrade, PrimeXM, Goldeye, Integral, Broadway and more.
Pricing and financial
Q: Does it cost money to use your services and tools?
A: It costs you nothing to use our tools and services because liquidity providers pay us to be on our marketplace.
Q: Will it cost me more to source my liquidity through your marketplace?
A: No, in fact in many cases it will cost you less as we have special wholesale pricing worked out with the LP’s on our marketplace.
Q: Will you help me cut my deal with my LP Match?
A: This is optional. You can deal with your matching LP’s directly when cutting your deal or use our expertise and wholesale rates to get the best deal possible.
Q: Where do I post margin?
A: You post margin directly with the LP that you work with, or connect via Prime Brokerage or Prime of Prime. ForexLiquidityMarketplace is strictly to connect you to the LP’s that match your needs.
Product/Service details
Q: What type of LP’s are in your marketplace?
A: Primarily non-bank LP’s including brokers, ECN’s, Hedge funds.
Q: Where can I learn about sourcing liquidity?
A: We have a great section on our site called resources that should be able to teach you key concepts of sourcing liquidity?
Q: How do you vet the LP’s that are in your database?
A: There are 3 main criteria. 1. They have to be easy to work with. 2. They have to be properly regulated and well capitalized. 3. They have to be honest and fair in their trading and execution practices.
Q: I need more support to figure out what type of liquidity I need.
A: We have been helping brokers and traders find bespoke liquidity solutions since 2005. We are happy to share our expertise with you in order to optimize your company’s liquidity. Simply email info@forexliquiidtymarketplace.com and we can have a complimentary strategy session.
Q: How do I connect with my LP Matches when using your tool?
A: Our tool will connect you to the key staff that your matching LP automatically. It will send an introduction email to the key staff member at their firm and provide you with their contact info. You can always reach out to us for additional assistance anytime during the process.
Q: What are the parameters that you track for the LP’s that you work with.
A: Some of the parameters we track are, technology (OneZero vs. PrimeXM), server location (LD4 vs. NY4), instruments offered, deal type (P/L vs. STP), registration, leverage and more.
Q: How do I find an LP that can offer special pricing on a on a particular instrument such as gold or a certain FX pair?
A: There are many LP’s that can provide this. At this point the best way to get connected with them is simply Contact us and we will set up a free consultation and guide you in the right direction.
Q: Are there preferred LP’s on your Marketplace?
A: Our marketplace is totally unbiased. LP’s are tracked based on 20 parameters and you are connected with matching LP’s based on your requirements.
Q: What instruments can I find liquidity for when using your tool?
A: At this point our LP’s offer liquidity in CFD’s, Forex, metals, commodities, and NDF’s, Crypto Currencies.
Q: Can I become a liquidity provider on your marketplace?
A: Sure, simply Contact us and if you meet our due diligence criteria we can add you.
Q: Can I promote your liquidity consulting service and widget on my site?
A: Absolutely! Simply Contact us to get set up.
Brokers, Traders & IB’s use us to find bespoke liquidity