About Us

The Obvious

Having proper liquidity is essential to your Forex success.

The old way

Until now finding the right LP has been very much an art rather than a science.

Brokers and traders look for liquidity based on connections, introductions or simply doing a google search and shopping around. This process is time consuming and rarely connects you with the LP to match your exact need.

Rather than searching an organized database with key parameters you are relying on sly sales guys making false promises, which hurts your business.

The better way

This is where we come in.

We are leveling the playing field and finally turning finding non-bank liquidity into a science rather than an art.

How it works

We track over 40 non-bank liquidity providers based on 20 key parameters in our LP data base.

To make finding optimal liquidity easy, we created a wizard where you can quickly enter your requirements and get connected to matching LP’s.

To take it even further, we will connect you with key staff at your matching LP, in order to provide you with an aggressive STP or revenue share deal and proper service.

The process is simple:
  1. 1. You enter your liquidity requirements into our wizard.
  2. 2. Based on your requirements our wizard creates you a list of matching LP’s and automatically connects you with the right staff to get you setup.
  3. 3. You negotiates your deal directly with your LP or work with us to take advantage of our wholesale rates.

Using LQEdge does NOT affect how you connect to your LP technologically.

  • Brokers can connect over FIX API or a connectivity provider such as One Zero or PrimeXM.
  • Traders, prop shops and funds can trade manually via your favorite trading platform, or run automated strategies via FIX API or MT4.

Using LQEdge does not affect how you connect to your LP/Broker financially.

  • Brokers, funds and prop shops still post margin at their LP or connect with them via PB.
  • Traders still hold funds with the broker LP.
  • IB’s and money managers deal directly with the broker to collect commissions and fees on your clients.
The players involved

The LP’s that you can find in our marketplace include large brokers, ECN’s, dark pools and hedge funds. They provide liquidity in Forex, CFD’s, Metals, Stocks, NDF’s, Futures and Cryptocurrencies.

We are constantly adding new LP’s to our database.

Each LP must meet our strict due diligence criteria based on 3 key factors to safety of funds, execution quality and ease of cooperation.

Our users

Our 2 primary user types are brokers and traders.

Brokers include: traditional forex brokers hedging they exposure, STP and ECN brokers adding liquidity providers and even IB’s looking for a trusted partner to send business to.

Traders include: high frequency and algo-traders looking for bespoke liquidity for their strategies, hedge funds and money managers, prop firms and companies looking to hedge their currency risk via spot Forex transactions or non deliverable forwards (NDF’s).

Liquidity consulting

We have been helping brokers and traders find bespoke liquidity solutions since 2005. We are happy to share our expertise with you in order to optimize your company’s liquidity.
Simply Contact Us and we can have a complimentary strategy session.

We have solved many puzzles liquidity puzzles in the past and if you want we can work with you and your LP match to cut your STP or Revenue Share deal based on your requirements.


It costs you nothing to use our tools and services as liquidity providers pay us to be on our marketplace.

Brokers, Traders & IB’s use us to find bespoke liquidity